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Chicago Style Paper – What Should You Know about It

Students must know and understand what Chicago Style is and how to use it in various papers. Here are some basic and critical rules:

  • Students may use two different ways to cite the sources in their assignments: endnote or footnote formatting. Footnote format is referred to Chicago Style 16A, and an endnote one is called – Chicago Style 16B.
  • How to Pick the Right One. In many cases, students have a list of guidelines and requirements set by professors, so they ask them to use a specific format there. Most professors choose 16A, but 16B is also a good option.
  • Endnote/footnote style. It is much easier to use this style when you are writing a paper or an essay on history, art, or literature.
  • Author-Date System. This style is better to use for papers in law, history, sociology, economics, and psychology, international relations, linguistics, culture, and other social disciplines.
  • The main difference. The most prominent and critical difference between footnotes and endnotes is that the first one provides with bibliography information at the end of each page, while the second one has its place at the conclusion.

Of course, there is much additional information about the Chicago Style, and it is essential to learn it.

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