How to Write a Top-Notch Argumentative Essay

How to Write a Top-Notch Argumentative Essay
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All students face the task of argumentative essay writing during their studying and most of them meet obstacles on their way to complete it properly. It is impossible to create a good paper knowing nothing about it and its writing process.

First of all, let us define what the argumentative essay is. This kind of academic papers requires a stated position on this or that issue that is supported by evidence coinciding the chosen position.

Before choosing a topic for your paper, the following 5 argument claims should be considered:

  • Fact: is the statement true or false?
  • Definition: what does the chosen statement really mean?
  • Value: how important is the essay?
  • Cause and Effect: What is the cause? What is the effect?
  • Policy: What should be done about it?

If you got no topic for your essay from your professor, then you have to select one by yourself. Topics for argumentative papers can be found everywhere. You can check the headlines of newspapers, listen to debates or discussions on the radio or Internet content. It ups to you what to choose. The main thing is that your topic should involve some kind of further discussion, argumentation, proving.

Thesis Statement: How to Make It

A thesis statement is one sentence in your introduction that presents the main points and claims of your paper. The main goal of a thesis statement is to provide the readers with a quick glance of the topic. You have to work well in order to create a strong thesis statement. Note that your readers by means of it will determine whether your paper is worth reading or not.

There are 3 main ways to create a good thesis statement:

  • Question/Answer Format – this one is the easiest. The main goal of his strategy is to turn the topic or prompt into a question and answer it.
  • Refute Objections – the next way to complete a good thesis statement is to present one side of the topic, including a refuting statement.
  • Roadmap – another way to craft your thesis is to make a “Roadmap”, which expects from you tell in a few words the main points you are going to cover in your paper.

Argumentative Essay Writing Process

Before you start writing your paper, make sure you have fulfilled the following steps:

  • Make up an enticing hook such as statistics, a quote or provoking question for the beginning of your paper in order to grab readers` attention.
  • Be aware of the background and context of the material you are going to cover in your paper.
  • Work well on your thesis statement.
  • Define your evidence to the chosen position.

When it comes to a paper organization, everything is straightforward here. In order to outline and complete your paper properly, you have to do the following:

  1. Make the readers interested in your paper so that they continue reading it.
  2. Explain the main points and the issue in a clear and understandable way.
  3. Explain all sides of the discussion.
  4. Highlight your side of the discussed problem.
  5. Show that your side is better, and convince the readers to take it.
  6. Refute any objections that can occur while reading your paper.

Your argumentative paper should consist of 3 parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction is about explaining the subject, the controversy, and presenting a thesis statement in the end. Here are some useful tips on how to create a good introduction:

  1. Your title should present your point of view. So, your title is usually either a thesis statement or a question you are trying to answer.
  2. Do not make your introduction part too long. You just have to introduce your argument, not discuss it.
  3. Take into account your audience and think which aspects would be the most interesting for it.
  4. Try to appeal to readers` emotions.
  5. In order to build trust and indicate a strong argument of your paper, you have to present some facts from reliable sources that cannot be denied.
  6. Make sure your thesis statement is worthy and it answers the question.

The body of an argumentative essay often consists of three or even more paragraphs, each of which presents original evidence that supports the thesis. These pieces of evidence should be the topic sentences of your body paragraphs. Your main task here is to explain why your audience should agree with your point of view. In order to make your argument stronger, state the opposing thoughts and refute them. Check the following strategies in order to make your body paragraphs better:

  1. Oftentimes, you will have no less than 3 reasons to convince the readers to agree upon your position. These reasons will be your topic sentences.
  2. Each of your reasons should be supported by relevant examples, statistics, authorities, facts.
  3. All your reasons have to be plausible. So, always connect them back to your position by using “if…then” reasoning.
  4. Anticipate opposing points of view.

The conclusion reflects the whole paper together. Here you do not have to present some new facts or arguments. Your task is to summarize everything that was mentioned in your paper and convince the reader that your position is the best to follow.

  1. Use real-life examples to show how your ideas could work.
  2. Include a call to action.
  3. Appeal to readers` emotions and logic.
  4. What are the implications of adopting or not adopting your ideas?
  5. State how your ideas can affect the reader?

If you want to succeed with your argumentative essay writing, put your efforts and try to follow these recommendations. By using these helpful strategies, the process of writing will be facilitated. Moreover, there will be more chances for you to complete everything in a good way.