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Terms of Use

Make sure to review these Terms of Use before you start using our features and tools. This document reveals the way you should approach services provided by Here we explain details regarding your personal account, privacy, copyright law, and other important aspects you should know before accessing our website. Any violations of these Terms of Use will cause termination of your personal account. If you don’t agree with these rules, you should not use our website.

  • Children

Our tools shouldn’t be used by individuals younger than 13 years old. If you are younger than 13, make sure not to provide any personal information including your contacts and address to us. If we find out about any account owned by a persona under 13, we will delete it immediately. Children can use these services and create accounts with us only in case they have parental permission.

  • Personal account

Our services can be used only through a personal account you create on the platform. To create your account, you should provide accurate personal information including your name, email, and other details requested in the registration form. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date data. If you don’t, then you will have difficulties with accessing our services, since the account activation can be done through email only. Store your password and login safely to ensure the security of your account. If you have noticed any unauthorized activity at your account, make sure to inform us.

  • Use of features and tools

We don’t provide any content to our users. It means that we don’t write, edit or proofread any texts per order. Our platform offers a set of tools that helps writers create content. These are tools for text writing, grammar check, plagiarism detection, and more. As such, we are not responsible for the legality, accuracy, and validity of the materials you create. The way you use received content is your own responsibility whether it violates intellectual property laws or offenses you or any third parties. We encourage you to use EssayTeach for lawful purposes only and not to violate any copyright laws. This means that you cannot write your name or claim content received at EssayTeach as your own.

  • Enforcement

We are not obliged to review any kind of content created by you with the help of our tools. However, we have a right to do so and take actions if you violate these Terms of Use. First, we can take certain actions if you infringe intellectual property law, create any liability to our service or threaten personal rights of other users of this site or any other public. Second, we can disclose your personality to the third parties if they claim that you are violating their rights, including copyright. Third, we can limit or block your account in case any illegal use is noticed.

Please note that we don’t track and review all materials created with the help of EssayTeach. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will notice any unlawful act performed with the content created on this resource.

  • Copyright

The website and its entire content (text, images, design, software, and anything else) belong to EssayTeach, its affiliates, partners, licensors, and other providers. As such, this content is protected by the intellectual property law and cannot be copied and used without permission.

  • Other websites

All links to other websites located on this resource are provided for your convenience. They serve advertising or informational purposes and might be useful for you. Most of them are located by the third parties, therefore they are under the responsibility of those individuals, who have placed them and we don’t have control over the type of content located there. If you find the content of these external resources offensive, dangerous or unlawful, be aware that we cannot take any actions to solve the issue.

  • Privacy

We may collect, store and analyze your information for legitimate marketing, service improvement, analysis, audience and market research, safety, promotions, and other business purposes. By providing your personal data to us, you automatically agree that we have a right to process and store it. We receive your personal data when you create an account with us, complete surveys, or contact us via email. The other type of information we collect doesn’t define you as a person, since this is technical data that reveal your user behavior patterns, actions, search requests, etc. This information is collected automatically and includes cookies, beacon files, etc.

  • Account termination

This document gains power from the day you register at our platform and continues to have it until the date your account is deleted. We have a right to terminate your account in case you violate these Terms of Use or for any other reason without explaining it personally to you. In turn, you can delete your account at any time.

  • For copyright holders

If you believe that any materials made available with the help of this resource violate any copyright you own, you should inform us about that and request removal. Send us an email mentioning your name and contact information. We will review your request and take appropriate actions. The accounts of those users, who perform unlawful acts will be deleted immediately.

These Terms of Use regulate and constitute the agreement between and you. You are recommended to follow them if you want to continue using this website. If you are not sure that you understand any point highlighted in this document, please contact us via email and ask for clarifications.

Be aware that we have a right to change, edit and rearrange these Terms of Use without sending you a personal notification. To stay updated and informed, you are encouraged to review this page regularly to make sure that you are fully aware of the rules to follow. If you don’t agree with any old or new points revealed here, you should avoid using our tools and features.